About Us

We are a bike travel luggage company producing high quality bike boxes and bike bags for all cyclists, setting the standard in bicycle transportation and protection.

Our bike boxes and bike bags are perfect for holidays, training camps, commuting to an event or competition.

All of our products have been rigorously tested to survive the most severe impacts and whatever travelling can throw at it.

Watch our YouTube video below that demonstrates the strength of our Bonza Bike Box.

With low-cost airlines, there has been an huge increase in the numbers of cyclists and triathletes traveling with their bikes looking to get some quality mileage in and racing abroad – but with low-cost fairs come low-cost baggage handling and arriving at your destination to find your most prized possession broken can ruin the trip or months of training.

As cyclists ourselves, we wanted to create premium products that were easy to use, stylish in design and tough, really tough! After lengthy research we looked at what was both good and bad with other bike boxes & bike bags on the market today and from that the Bonza Bike Box & Bonza Bike Bag was born.